Computer Hardware



Chain Reaction provides a full range of hardware solutions for clients:

  • Evaluation of various systems in terms of performance, reliability, vendor support, maintenance, upgradability and cost
  • Ensuring compatibility of computer systems and selected software
  • Advising on hardware maintenance
  • Identifying the most appropriate sources to purchase hardware
  • Helping arrange finance


How Chain Reaction works ...

Chain Reaction purchase all computers and communications at trade prices direct from all major manufacturers™ distributors. We then pass the trade price straight over to our customers. We do not make any margin on reselling any hardware. Instead we charge a transparent administration fee which includes advising on the best hardware for a specific solution, the purchasing of that hardware, and the delivery. The administration fee is usually 15% of the total hardware cost. Installation fees are based on our consultancy time charges.


We are an IBM partner and market and install the full IBM range of servers.

Computers and Notebooks

We market all types of major brand desktop computers and notebooks, such as Lenovo, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, and Samsung.


We market all major monitor brands




Printers and Scanners

We market all major printer brands, such as HP, Lexmark, Canon, Epson and Brother.

We provide:

  • Copiers
  • Copier Accessories
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Laser Printers
  • Scanners


We market all major brands of routers, switches, patch panels and data racks.

Power Protection

We provide:

  • Surge Protectors
  • UPS


We provide various storage devices, including:

  • Internal Hard Drives
  • External Hard Drive
  • External Solid State Drives
  • Optical Drives
  • Raid Controllers
  • Raid Systems
  • Tape Drives